Five Reasons Why You Can’t Get Gorgeous Abs


Do you want to have those flat abs that you have always desired? Many people always want to have flat stomach rather than those embarrassing fat belly. Other people try Pilates and other exercises to get rid of those fats and replacing it with gorgeous flat abs. But are you wondering why no matter how much you exert effort in exercising to get rid of those fats stuck in your belly you won’t get a flat stomach? It’s because achieving those perfect flat abs is very difficult to obtain and needs proper workout implementation. The most likely possible reasons why we cannot easily obtain perfect flat abs are explained below.

For starters, the reason could be you are doing cardio exercises the wrong way. There is always a proper way if you want those fats removed in doing cardio routines. There are claims by “experts” that doing medium paced cardio workouts in a longer period of time will really help you in burning those excess fats. If you have been following these advices, you will just end up disappointed because they have never been proved to lose weight quicker. You will notice that after you workout, there is just a very minimal change in your belly fats. Instead of doing medium paced routines, you do fast paced in a short period of time divided into different intervals. Intensive workouts are also recommendable if you want to see much progress in just a short period of time.

Another possible reason is maybe you are taking too many ab exercises. You don’t have to focus more on doing more of these reduce your belly fats because in reality, our body do not just burn fats in just one spot or area in the body like the stomach. Instead, it burns fats all over the body. Ab exercises are the common workout that people will do if they want to have abs. It’s really a misconception. It just works less compared to other intensive exercises.

The third reason will be the use of ab machines. As it’s stated earlier, our body burns out fats all over our body and not just a specific spot. Using ab machines will just cost you money which will give you less significant results compared to doing regular intensive exercises.
The fourth reason is not making a real effort. If you really want to lose those pounds, you have to invest your precious time and effort in it. Some people only go to the gym because they just want to socialize with the people there. Instead of doing that, you should really put importance on your every day workouts. You should put into your mind that this will be for your own sake and not for others. You can regularly go to the gym if you want to have a personal trainer or you can just workout at home. Make sure it’s on a regular basis to achieve significant results.
The fifth and the last reason would be bad or unhealthy eating habits. Many advertisements today are presenting misconceptions about the proper and effective ways of losing or burning fats. Even researches also claim that the proper and healthy way of losing weight is this and that giving us wrong information. We should take in consideration before following and listening to these kinds of advice the full detailed information about it. You do not just follow these because your friends are also following these. You can search in the internet about these advices and see the reviews if these have good or bad outcomes. You are the only one who is most responsible for your body.

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